Monday 22 April 2019
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Unique Features of Language Laboratories You Should Know

Unique Features of Language Laboratories You Should Know

Language laboratories are very important in the world of language learning.  They generally offer more functions and make more things possible than in the traditional system. Digital language labs are more than just a language learning tool, they provide a platform, more like a place to learn very close to a natural environment, site real language samples such that you can exercise as in real life situations. Language labs connect and engage students, encouraging participation and teamwork. They are set up using multimedia and communication technology, making it a whole package to serve both teachers and students.

Some language labs go on to design progressive and strategic learning techniques that allow intuitive learning by making use of and practicing what they’ve learned on the same platform. Below are some unique features of a language laboratory that also serve as its advantage over traditional mode of learning and teaching languages.

#1: Language laboratories can run with little or no internet access

Many of the courses offered are designed so they can function with an internet connection. Internet access is usually just needed at first during the first sign up and to perform other updates but the system can still operate even in correction institutions where internet facilities may be prohibited.

#2: It’s not as expensive and can reach a lot of people

Language laboratories provide services to students per classroom so that a large number can have access to its service at the same time regardless of their number.

#3: It serves everyone at every level

Its layout and methodology are general such that everyone can independently use it, with minimal or no supervision. The interface is designed with an initiative that it must be easy to use so that both young and older students can use it easily. The courses are usually run by giving beginners a placement test that puts them in a certain category as they begin their training. From class to home, regular guys to professional schools, a language laboratory meets everyone’s needs.

#4: It tracks and monitors student progress

This is a teacher feature that allows strict and accurate monitoring of student progress. Unlike the traditional approach, the records are automatically set so that teachers can point out their students’ strengths and weaknesses. This way, an instructor can set clear goals for a particular student focusing on important areas where he may be having trouble. This is one feature many users have praised so much in labs like the Robotel language labs.

#5: Teachers also have their package

To have an optimum level of professionalism and to ensure high and constantly increasing quality of output, teachers have a guide, more like a handbook that shows how best they can handle students and their activities.